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The Gentrification Of The Zombie


No more fast zombies! Same goes for The Walking Dead, which is like watching golf.

Films And Lice

movie sucks

It’s hard not to see zombies everywhere and I do mean everywhere in this day and age.They seem to be at forefront of popular culture.For years they have been depicted on film in many different varieties, set in films with many different themes.In 2015 the zombie craze seems to have entered it’s latest phase; complete gentrification.It’s no longer a cult phenomenon, it’s now a trend, taken over by hipsters,yuppies and people who think the Walking Dead is actually a good television show.You know something is part of mainstream society when it has a popular program being shown on television sets all over middle America.It’s somewhat like the new MTV.Hell, even George Romero despises it.He was quoted as referring to the series as “A soap opera with an occasional zombie.”

The modern depictions in a lot of recent films have also slid down the scale of quality.They simply are no longer…

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