Larissa Glasser

I am an academic librarian, speculative fiction writer and reader. My work at Harvard University includes Reference services and Monograph/Journals cataloging. Other activities primarily involve writing, reading, and learning.

As of 2016, My SF novelette “Miriam” has been published in The 2016 Procyon Science Fiction Anthology (Tayen Lane Press), and my first installment of “Imperator—Terror Lizard” appears in the benefit anthology The Healing Monsters (Volume One) published by Despumation Press, with an introduction by horror/splatterpunk legend John Skipp.

I have previously published nonfiction and reviews in Harvard Review, The Boston Phoenix, and Maelstrom.

SF/H Writer?

I prefer to write in the literature of imagination, SF/H writing–Speculative/Horror Fiction, if you will–is an umbrella term encompassing the more fantastical fiction genres). As both history fan and one who loves to keep up with current events, I have always been inspired by story ideas that might take place on a dying, distant planet or during a seemingly normal boat ride in Marshfield, Massachusetts. It depends on the story and the idea behind it. Most of my published writing has been nonfiction (features, reviews), but I am now reforging the SF/H weaponry.

Tree Librarian?

I’ve worked as a librarian at Arnold Arboretum in Boston since 2008. The Arboretum was founded in 1872 and is an off-campus branch of Harvard University. Our archival holdings focus on horticulture, plant sciences, and urban forestry, among other things. We’re a non-profit, educational institution with a very small staff, but we wear a lot of professional hats during the course of the day, which makes the AA very interesting place to be a librarian. We are essentially a tree museum, so I affectionately call myself a tree librarian.

Metallic Ingénue?

In 2004, I co-founded the Witching Metal band Hekseri in Boston with my sister in metal Iron Meggido. We both came from the New England area and went on to play live shows on the East Coast. I’ve been listening to and playing metal since 1985, but I thought making light of myself as an ingénue (of METAL) would be amusing. I leave that to you to decide. I will add the caveat that like my literature, I like to diversify my musical tastes. I listen to a lot of medieval chamber music and Tasmanian rainforest black metal when I write.

My work: Harvard Library, Arnold Arboretum
Twitter: larissaeglasser
LinkedIn: Larissa Glasser
Goodreads: Larissa Glasser
Pinterest: Larissa Glasser

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